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"The Way Through"
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"The Way Through"
An Emotional  Breakthrough Workshop"

One of the Most Incredible Weekends of Your Life.

"Discover What is Between You and Just Being You"

The work that came from Art Seller’s version of Mastery, as always graduates are welcome to assist!! 

This workshop began with actors and artists in Paramount studios in Los Angeles, California back in the 1980's. Actors and artists are so visionary that they are misunderstood which only adds to the everyday rejection that they experience both commercially and personally. Sometimes, they get stuck in a role or can't get the emotions up to the surface to play the part.

Art Sellars, one of the original facilitators with the workshop in California wanted to offer this wonderful workshop to people from all walks of life. In the early 1990s Art brought the work to Florida and the "Creative Insights" workshop was born. He beautifully designed, wrote and manifested the work to be the success it is today. Today the workshop is called "The Way Through" and is available in south and central Florida


 Improve Your Communication Skills
Release Your Guilt and Shame
Increase Your Self Confidence
Improve Your Relationships
Turn Fear Into Excitement
 Find Your Personal Power
Find Your Inner Child
Release Your Anger
llow Grief To Go




For More Information for South Florida
Phone: (954) 682-6478 
For More Information for Central Florida
Phone (321) 458-3944
Mark Pasqualino